FDOT SR 90 Corridor Study

FDOT is currently soliciting feedback from the community in regards to a new design for SR 90 (SW 8th Street & SW 7th Street between SW 27th Avenue and Brickell).

There are several potential configurations for the project and we strongly encourage the cycling community to get involved by providing feedback requesting the configuration which includes the best bicycle facilities.  We should not settle for sharrows on SW 7th Street as shown in one of the potential configurations. This is our opportunity to request bike lanes!

FDOT will begin the Project Development and Environment phase soon, and it is vital that we let them know how important bike lanes are in this project.

Please view the presentation and send your recommendations for bike lanes to Jeannette@iscprgroup.com



  1. I would consider making the lanes riding WITH traffic also concrete barrier-protected. I am not sure what the current street parking situation is but the situation on Miracle Mile would make use of close proximity bike lanes dangerous and stressful to use. A concrete barrier protects cyclists from having to navigate various creative ways that motorists use the road... including but not limited to "hazard light parking," a seemingly harmless practice that forces cyclists into the next lane while the ignorant motorist gains access to free temporary parking. If its the status quo (broken glass, debris, narrowness, and crappy pavement) I would rather continue to take the lane as is my lawful right.

  2. Major thoroughfares should never have unprotected bike lanes. Nobody likes to ride with cars and trucks going 45+ a couple of inches from you.

    Try to ride the bike lanes on SW8th street west of the Palmetto SR 826 for a terrifying experience.


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