My adventure began last night when I arrived at the Brian Piccolo Park velodrome only to be disappointed by the sign pictured below. I was later informed during bike polo that Broward County parks are now closed on Tuesdays. Apparently I didn't get the memo, I seriously considered that it was possibly an extended Columbus Day holiday. This is unfortunate for me since Tuesdays were my Broward night (track + polo). Fortunately for us Holiday Park is not a Broward County park & instead operated by the City of Ft. Lauderdale.

Earlier this week SFDB called this the "Blog Most Likely To Put You In JMH For A Couple Nights". I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that title. We try to stay safe, though last night was no example of trying to prove him wrong. Bike polo can be dangerous... (hope you're feeling better Jeremy).

We finally got to play some four on four games since the Thriller dudes all built new polo mallets. The mallets came out excellent, now if only I can get myself to not cause further damage to my bike with them. The gentleman pictured below is not wearing that head wrap as a fashion statement, it's keeping his head intact & outward blood flow minimal.

The majority of the players had never played bike polo before. It was lots of fun and definitely more interesting now that we have extra mallets. Here's a video of a one of the games. Thank you awesome girl whose name I don't recall for getting some footage.

Check out the Thriller site for more pics from last night.