More than 1000 1500 Miamians came out to enjoy Bike Miami today. There was quite a variety of cyclists present, I saw folks on all types of bicycles (tandems, road bikes, single-speeds, fixed gear, mtb, beach cruisers, bmx, recumbents, etc). There was also an abundance of pedestrians, rollerbladers & joggers. If it had wheels and was a non-motorized vehicle chances are it was in the streets of downtown Miami today.

Bike Miami was definitely an event for the whole family. I saw lots of kids there with their parents which was great. Overall the event was a huge success though I felt the layout of the traffic cones & barricades were a bit sketchy in some spots. I think more of the problems were caused by inexperienced riders, I saw some cyclists zigzagging around, and some going a bit too fast for that environment, some going the wrong way, and then you had the impatient jaywalking pedestrians. There were a few close calls which I personally witnessed but I do not know of any incident taking place besides some guy getting arrested just north of Flagler, I don't know what he did, I just know he wasn't on a bike.

Lots of people spent time at the "The Moving Wall" a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Bayfront Park. The Green Mobility Network had free "bicycle valet" parking and there was also a bike repair stand provided by a local bike shop. Free yoga classes were also taking place at the park overlooking the bay. South of downtown across the Miami River at Mary Brickell Village I saw the Mayor and a lot of cyclists congregated enjoying what the restaurants & businesses had to offer. The city can be proud of this event, I've never seen so many cyclists in Miami before. I'm sure local business also benefitted from this, especially in the Mary Brickell Village area.

Spokes 'N' Folks has a video of Mayor Manny Diaz & Commissioner Joe Sanchez giving a brief speech during the event.

Below is a video I took. The video will probably give you a slight headache & might make you dizzy. It's the most blurry, shaky one I've recorded thus far. Enjoy