The Miami Critical Mass December ride was a success by South Florida standards. Approximately 50 cyclists showed up & joined in on the fun. The ride lasted about 1 1/2 hours with just one brief stop at a gas station for refreshments. Total distance ridden was 14 miles.

The route initially consisted of going north on Biscayne Blvd but it was slightly detoured by the Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls game at the AAA and/or Cirque du Soleil. We had to turn west on NE 6th and advanced north on 1st Ave before eventually getting back on Biscayne via NE 14th St. We then took Biscayne Blvd north to 36th St where we made a left and headed west to 27th Ave passing through Wynwood & Allapattah. Once there we proceeded south on 27th Ave to 8th St where we rode east through Little Havana, ultimately getting to our starting locale in Government Center.

The Firefly Bike Collective brought out one of their community tall bikes. Motorists and pedestrians alike appeared to be intrigued by the tall bike. I got to ride the bike briefly at the end of Critical Mass, it felt kind of odd for the first few seconds. I would totally want to ride one again in a different environment, dismounting was definitely easier than getting on. I applaud those guys (Kevin & Sleeper) for riding it out amongst city traffic. The Firefly Bike Collective may build some more in time for next month's ride (January 30th, 2009). The bikes definitely get people to notice us and that's what Critical Mass is going for.. awareness.

I was able to get a lot of footage from the ride. Too much actually so they will be posted it in 3 parts throughout this week. These videos hopefully motivate more cyclists to come out and join us, though I'm aware it might turn some away. Most importantly I want motorists to see this and understand that we're not out there purposely trying to stall you. We're just forcing you to share the road, it's the only way that seems to get your attention. Can't keep everyone happy? Enough rambling, here's part 1 of 3 videos.

Part 1 : Downtown Miami (Available)

Part 2 : Edgewater/Wynwood/Allapattah (Coming Tuesday)

Part 3 : NW 27th Ave/Little Havana/Downtown Miami (Coming Thursday)