Today's Bike Miami Day, the third since it's inception this past Fall was a success. There was a much better turn out then the December date & it appeared to be better organized. Free stuff (water, bags, etc.) could be found throughout downtown, the slightly extended route was a plus, free bike rentals, yoga, tours of the police stable (horse almost ate my camera) plus more all made this a great event. The weather was perfect for a day spent outdoors, while the majority of the country is battling the cold we are out riding bikes in shorts & tank tops as if it were spring/summer. As cyclists we are spoiled in S. Florida, we have mostly year round good weather and no hills to climb.. but then again we have to deal with some of the most uneducated, rude, hostile drivers around. I'd gladly exchange a day without a reject operating a motor vehicle on the road for some 20° weather.

Safety rant:

There are way too many people out there that need cycling lessons. I witnessed so many close calls today, mainly from kids whose parents just let them run wild. I understand there's no cars but that's not a reason to just ride bike across oncoming cyclists or against the flow of traffic and making abrupt u-turns. Even if everyone is going slow you can still hurt yourself or others. And for the record it's not just kids, I've seen grown folks pull some of the most imbecile stunts ever during Bike Miami. Cycling is fairly easy, there are not many rules but the few rules there are one must always follow if they wish to stay out of harms way.

Next Bike Miami will be on Saturday February 21st in conjunction with Flagler Fest.

------- has a slideshow up. has photos from Bike Miami.