Straying from the standard Tampon Tuesdays at the hockey rink the crew went on a 16mi ride to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery on Griffin Rd. for some food & drinks. Once there we were entertained by an Irish cover band which I'm assuming played 1/4 of The Beatles discography throughout the night. Fun ride overall, I had never ridden on Griffin before, it was really smooth going westbound and it had a bike lane but all the cars seemed to be going 45mph+

I wasn't in Randy Marsh (see Pandemic 2 - The Startling) mode last night so I barely got any footage from the ride, I basically recorded 3 minutes out of a 50 minute ride & used 2 minutes of it, one of those minutes is me waiting on the train. Awesome huh?

Here's a glimpse of the ride..