Loose Cannons was fun last night with about 30 cyclists showing up. The race started at the SoFLo house on Grand Ave in Coconut Grove. The SoFLo crew were great host, they provided riders with water & had a pump on hand for those low on air. This is the first Loose Cannons in which I was able to get video of the actual race. Obviously the footage is very shaky in parts due to the bumpy roads & dim because it was very dark in some areas. The race was an estimated 6.3 miles and took about 16-30min depending on speed to complete. A few riders taking the NE 1st route slowed down a bit due to the gridlock caused by the Miami Heat game. Thanks to PS14 for having $1 Red Stripes on deck and for always being amiable towards cyclists. Congrats to Alex Fix on the win, no surprise there.

Pardon the twitchy quality of video & varying sound levels on soundtrack.