The Loose Cannons race turned into quite the April Fools' prank on all its participants Wednesday night. The race started at Sweat Records in Little Haiti and was initially intended to be a quick 3 mile sprint to PS14 in Overtown. Problem was, the organizer informed me a few hours before the race that PS14 was unexpectedly closed that evening. Whoops!

Joel (organizer) decided to relocate the race to The News Lounge where he hosts a weekly party on Thursday Nights. This would not be possible though since The News is only 2 blocks away from Sweat Records, thus making the race pointless. That's where April Fools' Day came in handy, it gave us an excuse to divert the riders in another direction so the race would remain a few miles in length. The difficult part was getting the cyclists from PS14 to the new destination in secrecy, since Joel was out of town I stepped up to help with the race.

I quickly made some fliers/maps to distribute at the faux finish line and gave my friend Meatball a call to see if he could give me a ride on the back of his scooter. This enabled me to be at the start of the race, at the faux finish, and the final finish. This was kept secret from everyone, the only people that knew were the Red Stripe promoters, Frankie (photos) and maybe two others helping with the event. I had a great time zooming around town on the back of the scooter. Passing out the April Fools' fliers was equally entertaining. Basically everyone rode 3 miles south only to be to informed that it was April Fools' and they had to travel 3 miles back north to the new location. The look of dismay on some of the cyclists faces when they read the flier was priceless. Overall, it was an excellent race and everyone appeared to have a great time.

The winners at the faux finish line (PS14)
1. Ferny
2. Alex G
3. Dave

The winners at the The News Lounge
1. Ferny (won a Fi'zi:k Arione saddle courtesy of Keirin Cycles)
2. Darren (won a COG hardcover book courtesy of COG)
3. Jen K (Jenny won a custom cycling hat courtesy of HEADSET)

Free Red Stripe & issues of COG #5 were given out until supplies lasted. Some riders foolishly did not utilize their easy to read maps and got themselves slightly off-course insuring top ranking out of their grasps.

Thanks to Joel Meinholz, Lolo @ Sweat Records, Thomas & Nick @ Keirin Cycles, Frankie Galland (photos), Meatball, Linda, Red Stripe, and The News Lounge for making this happen.

Loose Cannons will no longer be on Wednesday nights to PS14. The races will now take place on Thursday nights & the finish line will be The News Lounge.