After the Macaframa screening last night the long-awaited OpenSprints took place, a first in South Florida for both events. Everyone was really excited and enthusiastic about the roller races. It was nice witnessing participants & spectators alike enjoying themselves. The night consisted of bikes, FREE pizza, Macaframa, beer & awesome people. What more could you ask for? Some folks got really into this as if it were a cockfight and they had money on the line. What made the event really unique is that it was held in public, right in front of the bicycle shop. Pedestrians, people driving by, and the patrons at the hostel across the street all seemed intrigued by the spectacle. It was definitely a head turning affair. There was a $5 fee to race and the winner took the purse.

James from Broward was the cash prize winner, congratulations to him and to all those who participated.

Everyone in attendance should be grateful to Thomas & Nick @ Keirin Cycles + Ian for the technical support. This event wouldn't be possible without them. For those of you who missed out, there's always next month.