An estimated 250 cyclists showed up to the "Ride Of Silence" Wednesday evening in Key Biscayne. This was my first time attending the annual ride which aims to raise awareness to motorists, police and city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways. The ride is also an opportunity to show respect to cyclists who have been killed or injured. A prayer was said before the ride started & the organizers explained the reason for the ride and how it was being held worldwide at 7pm.

The skies were partly cloudy though it did not rain during the ride which was most welcomed. I think even more cyclists would've showed up had the weather not been so poor all week, some folks may have been discouraged by the weather forecast. Overall the ride was a success and went without incident. Participants should thank the police, fire rescue, and all the volunteers for making this possible.

I considered making the video silent but opted not to since there wasn't complete silence during the actual ride, I apologize if that is offensive to any of you. You can either mute it or not watch it at all.