Here's a short clip from the Le Mans start @ the Street Sharks Bike Race Saturday afternoon. Very few people showed up to this alley cat, a real shame since it was a lot of fun. The route was short, just shy of eight miles and had some interesting check points, five in total.

The check points consisted of the following: filling out a bike related questionnaire at the downtown library, riding up several levels in a parking garage building on Brickell, tossing bicycles in front of Bicentennial Park, and riding through a mini-cyclocross course in Midtown. The finish line was at Goo in Little Haiti.

It was very difficult to find the parking garage, I wasted a few valuable minutes outside it just trying to figure out how to enter the garage, fortunately for me that didn't matter since all but two riders were stuck at the Brickell Avenue drawbridge. This gave everyone remaining an equal opportunity since we were all stopped awaiting for the bridge gates to go up.

There was a surprise check point where we were instructed to "prepare to be Gnaralaited". Apparently "Gnaralaited" means riding through a brief obstacle course in an alley while getting pelted with wet newspapers, water balloons, and hosed by a mob of crust punks, then having to chug a can of cheap beer.

Thanks to Jerry & Kevin @ Firefly for putting this race on. Also thanks to these local bikes shops for supporting the race: Keirin, Broken Spoke, Fritz's, and Scoot, Skate & Bike Co.