Unfortunately it was raining tonight but that still didn't stop a group of about 20 from coming out to the Busway Sprints. Initially we all agreed on canceling the event and just stuck around chatting it up, but around 9:45 we decided to give it a go since the roads had slightly dried up.

NSK brought out his exquisite new custom track bike from local frame builder Mike Terraferma who was also present. I believe some of the Origin8 guys were there too spectating, spotted a white Origin8 Del Pasado that looked quite nice for just $180 retail frame/fork.

Only 8 cyclists participated and there were about 10 races in total. Alex Fix reigned supreme. For those familiar with the trash-talking recently going on at MIA Fixed, know that all parties involved attended the sprints and became friends. Eddy came through on his BT, I'm not a gambling man but I would wage a Cinelli Super Pista and say Eddy would have annihilated the competition had he raced tonight.

Stay tuned for the next Busway Sprints in July. Until then here's a few photos from tonight.