All photos by Raniel Paul Dantic

Fun times were had this weekend at the Bicycle Film Festival in Orlando, FL.

We arrived late on Friday so we missed the GoldSprints @ Back Booth, the dudes from Keirin Cycles provided the bikes/rollers for the races. The sprints were over by the time we got there so we just stayed at the bar and drank a few beers.

Saturday was the Shred Yo Face Race and it was a blast! I believe there were 65-70 registered racers. During the course of this race I : missed a checkpoint, picked the whiskey shot instead of milk or beer, dropped my water bottle while trying to get the whiskey taste out of my mouth, almost choked to death due to eating a spoonful of cinnamon, felt the burn of cinnamon on my face/eyes, and last but not least pulled my right calf muscle a few blocks before the finish. And to top it off I lost my manifest sometime after the cinnamon/crackers checkpoint @ Alchemy. Good times eh? I looked like I came from a baseball game instead of a bike race, I had cinnamon all over and I looked like I stole 2nd base. Next time I'll opt to eat the crackers. Congrats to Pete (Tampa) on the win! Thanks to Anthony(2nd), Luke(3rd) & Hood(4th) for letting me tag along, I would've been lost without you dudes.

The race finished at the Avalon Theater where the BFF was being held. I was able to catch the 9 o'clock "Urban Bike Shorts" program. It consisted of 16 short films, my favorites were "On Time" , "Belle Epoch", "Broadway Bomber/Bridge Battle" and "Anima D'Acciaio". Free drinks were provided courtesy of 42 Below throughout the film festival.

On Sunday afternoon everyone went to the 3rd Annual Dirty South BBQ in the Milk District to close off the weekend. Free drinks, DJs & bands. Orlando has a nice community, looking forward to more races there.

Check out Raniel's blog for lots of photos. He did a great job of documenting this past weekend's events.

Thanks to Jen Whalen & all the volunteers + sponsors for making this happen.

For all those that missed out, the Bicycle Film Festival comes to Miami, FL. December. Come show your support.