I was browsing through videos on Vimeo tonight, something I don't do quite often since searching for "miami + bicycle" related videos usually results in next to nothing. To my surprise I came across a promo made for Miami Bike Scene which seems to have been uploaded within the past few hours. What's even more random is it uses the early 80s song "Pop Goes My Love" by Freeez, a tune I considered using for a Critical Mass video a few months back, amazing. Turns out someone who goes by the name Tom Chrpa created the video, I checked out the users other videos and they're are all really quite good.

Tom Chrpa, if you're reading this.. thanks for the video. You should try coming to Miami and getting some footage of Critical Mass this Friday, you'd definitely make a better video than I. Make sure you introduce yourself.

Here's another video from Tom, this one off a bike ride in FTL. Good song choice with Man Man, but I must say I'm not too fond of the film projector sound effect.