Thursday nights Loose Cannons race was amazing! The race was set to start at SOFLO Skate & Bike Shop in Coconut Grove, Arthur from I Really Hate Miami was at the shop interviewing the owners for his blog & asked me if I would like to film the race from the back of his Honda Shadow motorcycle. Without hesitation I said "Yes!" since I was already intending on filming the race from my bicycle, the opportunity to do so from his motorcycle would result in much better footage. An estimated 30-40 cyclists lined up at the starting line on Grand Ave. We followed the racers from start to finish passing many obstacles in our way, a few unexpected street closures made the race more interesting. The race was 9 miles and the top 3 finished in about 20 minutes. At the end of the race Arthur turned to me and said, "I think it's scarier driving my motorcycle during Loose Cannons than actually doing the race", while I beg to differ with that, we can both agree that it was a total blast riding alongside them!

Thanks to Arthur @ I Really Hate Miami, Joel @ IAmYourVillain, and Christian & Bass @SOFLO.

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