To those unaware, PS14 will be shutting its doors for good this weekend. The Overtown establishment was the first bar in Miami that welcomed cyclists by offering $1 beer specials to those arriving by bicycle and even allowed patrons to bring their bikes inside.

The 'ride a bike get a beer for $1' promotion was the brainchild of Joel Meinholz of IAmYorVillain. In the fall of 2007 Meinholz wanted to get people to come out on bikes to his Wednesday night Finger Lickin' party. He gave folks an incentive, ride a bicycle to PS14 and get $1 beers from 10pm to midnight. This was around the same time I started this blog, my second post was actually a flyer promoting the then $1 beer special for cyclists.

When Meinholz started the Loose Cannons race in Jan '08 the finish line was PS14, every 1st Wednesday of the month for 15 months the race ended at PS14. The prize, a $50 bar tab! (Note: Loose Cannons is currently held on the first Thursday night of the month, the race ends at The News Lounge)

A few things have changed in the past 2 years. For starters, beer went up one dollar and the Finger Lickin' party ended earlier this year in March. However, IAmYourVillain will be resurrecting FingerLickin' for "the last hoe-rah" tonight, Wednesday, October 28th.

Expect a lot of fun activities, cheap beer & food. They are going all out for this party: DJs, ping pong, skee ball, BBQ, kiddie pool, girls in bikinis, drink specials, etc. If you ever had a good time at PS14, tonight is the night to say goodbye, come by & pour out a little liquor for your neighborhood watering hole.

Bring a bike lock! There will be a lot of activities going on out in the patio and your bicycles might be in the way. You should be getting accustomed to carrying a lock anyways because once PS14 is closed you won't find another venue in Miami that will allow you & your friends to bring 20-30 bicycles inside. See you tonight.

28 NE 14th St
Miami, FL 33132

Thanks to Javi, Carlos, Alan, Stacey, Brian & the rest of the PS14 staff for the hospitality!