Friday, November 27th @ 6:30pm
Government Center
101 NW First St
Downtown Miami

This month we have a very special Critical Mass ride planned. We will be riding north on Biscayne Blvd towards Miami Shores & surrounding areas. The ride will be passing through Downtown, Edgewater, Design District, Little Haiti, Upper East Side, Miami Shores, and North Miami. 20 miles total.

This ride will be dedicated to the memory of Rodolfo Rojo, a 17 y/o who was killed by a speeding car on October 30th, 2009. Rodolfo was planning on attending his first Critical Mass (Halloween) on the date the tragedy took place. Unfortunately this young man's life was cut short by a careless driver. Please join us on this memorial ride where we'll be stopping by the scene of the accident, a ghost bike will be placed for Rodolfo at this location. My sincere condolences to his mother Claudia Fernandez and siblings who will be joining us on the ride.

Invite all your friends with bicycles. This is a night ride so please bring lights for safety!

Note: Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists' right to safe travel.