Over 100 cyclists gathered last night at Governmenet Center to participate in a very special Critical Mass ride. The group was joined by the family & friends of Rodolfo Rojo, a teen who was struck and killed by a speeding car on October 30th. Memorial t-shirts courtesy of his friends & family were given to the attendees before the start of the ride. An image of Rodolfo was on the front of the shirt with the message "Live life to the fullest", a bicycle and "Share the Road" was on the back.

Shortly after 7pm the group took to the streets, we started in downtown Miami and traversed north on Biscayne Blvd to 114th street to pay tribute. A Ghost Bike was placed just a few yards from where Rodolfo was struck and killed. Bradley Kelly, one of Rojo's best friends who was riding with him and witnessed the tragedy that night set up the memorial.

At the memorial site we were awaited by more family & friends of Rojo. Cyclists converged to pay their respects and placed white roses on the ghost bike, the group then released balloons in unison celebrating the life of Rodolfo Rojo. It was a chilly and at moments somber ride last night. I believe everyone invoved was quite touched by the whole experience.

Below is a video from the memorial celebration.

You can read a bit more about Rodolfo Rojo and the organization he was a part of here. It's obvious he had a very bright future ahead of him.

Though Rodolfo's untimely death received little to no media attention soon after the tragedy, it now appears to be finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Local Spanish news station América TeVé 41 was present, their news story aired last night and can be seen below.

The Miami Herald ( Friday 11/27 edition) also covered Rodolfo's death & the Critical Mass ride in his honor. The piece can be read in it's entirety by clicking on the image below.

I hope passerby's see the Ghost Bike and are reminded that a young man lost his life here because of someone's recklessness.

Rodolfo Rojo 1991-2009