Art Basel is finally upon us so expect heavy traffic in Miami Beach, Wynwood, Downtown & the Design District for the next couple of days. Traffic and parking will be a mess as already witnessed by those who got an early start last night in the Design District & Midtown Miami.

It's obvious cycling is the quickest & most convenient way to get around Miami during Basel. Parking is free, easy to find & you don't get stuck in gridlock. Below are a few tips for those planning on attending Art Basel events by bicycle.

If you're riding at night, you should absolutely use a red rear light and a front headlight. Flashing mode is recommended since it makes it difficult for motorists not to see you when your bike looks like an emergency vehicle.

Also, don't forget to lock up your bike properly! There's no point in saving time by going on bike if you're going to have to walk home crying sans steed.

Be wary of drunk drivers & jay walkers in search of the posh party with free booze. Don't forget we live in Florida where more than likely the driver of the vehicle will flee the scene if they struck a cyclist and/or pedestrian. Be safe!

Here's a few Art Basel/cycling related events..

Loose Cannons Poker Run
Dec 3

Ride Ur Bike! - Ryan Doyle Freak Bike Exhibit
Dec 3 - 6

Lance Armstrong x Nike : STAGES
Dec 4 - 6

Tour de France 7 Town Shoe Collection : Logan Real
Dec 4