36 registered racers, 6 checkpoints, 21.5 miles, 6 bridges & brutal winds.

Some riders were stopped by the drawbridge in downtown, the fearless decided not to wait and used I-95 as an alternative route. Fortunately Lucas Brunelle was there to capture it all on video.

The alleycat was very well documented. We had a camera at the the start (me), 1st checkpoint (Tony), throughout the race (Lucas) and at the finish (Jordan). Unfortunately all this footage will not be made available here as it belongs to Lucas Brunelle. Hopefully his BFF Miami Alleycat video is ready in time for the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival.

I think the majority of participants were pleased with this race, making them go to Jimbo's is something I had been wanting to do for a while. To the folks who got lost, pay better attention to me at the start of the race and use your maps next time. If you participated in the race and did not receive a spoke card let me know.

Below is a video from the Le Mans start & of the winner at the end of the race. Thanks to Gabe (sideways footage) and Jen for taking these clips.


1st - Ferny (overall + fixed)
2nd - Eric Z
3rd - Ariel

2nd Fixed - Stephan (4th overall)

1st Female - Kathy (16th overall)
2nd Female - Karla (22nd overall)
1st MTB - Seth (7th overall)
1st Out Of Towner - BT (6th overall , 3rd fixed)
DFL - Arthur




Thanks to all the volunteers at the checkpoints: Gary, Tony & Amber, Gabe, Mooj, Ivan, Tiffany & Keirin Cycles.