Thanks to estimated 150 cyclists who came out on Christmas Day for the last Miami​ Criti​cal Mass ride of 2009. That's a lot of participants for a ride taking place on a holiday. I think most were surprised with the large turnout, a few folks told me "wow, doesn't anyone have families anymore".

The ride was fairly short, just 12 miles round trip. There wasn't much traffic due to the holiday which was nice. We rode though Downtown Miami, Coral Gables (Miracle Mile) and Little Havana. Miracle Mile turned out to be a great area to ride in, there were lots of festive decorations and people out and about. We ended the ride by the large xmas tree at Bayfront Park for a group photo. Unfortunately most folks left just before the photo was taken.

Here's a video from the ride. It's quite shaky & poorly edited but better than nothing. I didn't have much footage and just used what I could.

Tips for Critical Mass in 2010

TARDINESS! Critical Mass meets up at 6:30pm and is scheduled to leave at 7:00pm. Why people still show up at 7:15pm is beyond me. Get there before 7 o'clock. It's not that difficult. Also the tentative route is posted online at least a week in advance, if you think you might be arriving late, print out the route map and catch up to the group.

LIGHTS! If you're going to be riding at night get some lights for your bike. It's the law!

More tips & guidelines about the Friday night ride can be found here. I strongly encourage participants to peruse through them.