Only 20 cyclists showed up to the Loose Cannons 2-year anniversary race from BRRRevolution Bicycles in Coconut Grove tonight. It's obvious Miami folk are scared of the cold.

The race started about 10 minutes behind schedule. I think people took long deciding what to wear, Rickshaw Shaun made a brief appearance in his Spider-Man suit. Fun race overall and not much traffic, I think even motorists stay home during chilly weather in S. Florida. It really wasn't that cold (52°F), but factor in the wind chill while riding a bicycle 25-32mph and it's no surprise your hands and feet go numb quickly. Breathing cold air and physical exertion become a whole other issue.

1st Brian
2nd Ariel
3rd Ferny (1st fixed)

Below are very few photos, the ones I took did not come out good. I'll post better ones as when I get them from Joel.