Update: 2/9 The Department of Public Works claims to have the "ghost bike" in storage. It was removed because the makeshift memorial was a liability on the Bear Cut Bridge. I was told they removed it with care and attempted to contact the family beforehand. More details and an official statement from PWD to come.

The Christophe Le Canne memorial was removed from the Bear Cut Bridge today. I'm almost certain the Department of Public Works is responsible for this.

Email Esther Calas, Director of the County Public Works and request to know why the ghost bike was removed. You should also contact James Martincak, PWD Superintendent of the Causeway Division, call (305) 361-2833.

I want to know why no one from the cycling community was asked whether this would be a good idea or not, I guess they'll find out soon enough. The ghost bike was up for just 15 days. It was carefully placed there and maintained, it was not abandoned and did not obstruct the path of cyclists, walkers, runners, etc.

If anyone has any information on where the bike is please contact me. The wreath is also gone hence this was a clearance job and not larceny. Here's a photo of the memorial yesterday afternoon.

Photo taken February 7th, 2010

Photo taken January 24th, 2010