Saturday, April 24th

Cafe Bohemia
937 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Registration starts at 1pm and the race starts at 3pm

Race info:

- $5 (race entry and/or trick contest entry)
- All bikes welcome.
- No bag is needed to race.
- Wear a helmet. Even better, if you wear a helmet on race day you'll get a ten second head start!
- There will be six checkpoints and two volunteers at each checkpoint. This will keep things moving quickly.
- The only task required at a checkpoint is that you stop to get credit for being there.
- Awards will be given to top finishers on fixed gear bikes. If you came in first on a multi-geared or freewheel single speed you will not be considered for a top place finish. This is FIXED Fight and you will be awarded as such. Brakes are fine and in most cases encouraged. All bikes are welcome and even those non-fixed bikes have a chance at other prizes.

More info: