"First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who in one way or another has helped piece together Graffiti by Bike.  We've succeeded in introducing 100+ people and all their people to public art in Wynwood, an international attraction just around the corner. It has turned out to be much more than we could have ever hoped for and the results have been magnificent. With this being only the second time we carry out the tour we have been able to introduce a number of residents to their neighborhood, exposed kids to the positive aspects of urban art and discovered great local businesses.

Special thanks to EMERGE Miami, Green Mobility Network and the South Florida Bicycle Coalition for volunteering their time to organize the ride and keep everyone safe,  Primary Flight for making our city internationally known,  Lombardi and Goldman Properties for providing wall canvases to beautify our neighborhood, MOCA for hosting a very informative lecture, Harry Gottlieb, City of Miami Cultural Affairs Director and James Quinlan from the Arts & Entertainment Council for their support,  Brook at Dorscht Gallery for much needed refreshments and access to their yard, Cafeina Lounge for opening their gates, and most importantly to all the artists who can see beauty beyond concrete walls and neglected neighborhoods. 

As you may all know the tour was organized as a means to engage the community and promote active lifestyles. The idea is that cities adopt permanent and ongoing Open Street Programs like Bike Miami Days where residents, business owners and community organizations can all be introduced to each other and interact. These type of events benefit the community and neighborhood as a whole. This tour is a small effort towards that."

- Dario Gonzalez & Olga M. Cano

Check out some photos from the ride at Liam Crotty's website.