Entertaining video from the Critical Mass ride on Friday, June 25th. Joseph Regner did a great job filming and editing this video. The commentary is hilarious however there's a few things I observed in the video which are not so funny. For instance, why are so many people riding so fast? Critical Mass is not a race, if you wish to test your speed try Loose Cannons on the 1st Thursday of every month. Also, why is there already a gap within the group less than 2 blocks into the ride? (2 min mark). The whole point of the ride is to bike in one big mass, not spread out in small groups of cyclists. Those gaps between riders cause huge problems for those corking. One more thing, why do some people find the need to ride on the sidewalk? Let's not even get into riding on the wrong lane of traffic.. I can go on and on.. Enjoy the video.

Next ride is on July 30th! I advise everyone participating to go here and read a bit about the ride.