Well-detailed cover story by Dina Weinstein in the October issue of Biscayne Times. The piece highlights five urban neighborhood bicycle rides in Miami and includes commentary, maps & routes. Read it here.


While perusing the monthly news magazine I came across two interesting blurbs by Derek McCann, both in the September "Biscayne Crime Beat" section. Unfortunately crimes like these probably occur more often than we would like to believe and go unreported.

Bus Racks as Bike-Theft Delivery Platforms
NE 79th and Biscayne Boulevard
"Taking public transportation can be a drag, but it’s better than dangerously riding a bike up Biscayne Boulevard. This passenger hoisted his bike into the rack attached to the front of the Metro Transit bus and settled into his air-conditioned seat. When the bus made a stop at 79th Street, a Boulevard opportunist raced up, lifted the bike off the rack, and quickly pedaled away. No arrests have been made, but you can add this to the prodigious list of bike thefts along the Boulevard."

Exploiting a Bad Situation
NE 71st Street and Biscayne Boulevard
"Two bicyclists somehow got into a head-on collision. As both lay on the ground nearly unconscious, a sleazebag sneaked up and stole one of the fallen bikes. The bike’s owner managed to get up and took the other bike (with permission) in an effort to catch the thief. Nearby police caught up with them and the appropriate arrest was made. In his defense, the perpetrator said that he was “in trouble,” which is why he took the bike. Trouble? His troubles are only beginning."

Remember.. Don't steal bikes bro!