For those unaware, we lost a stalwart of the local cycling community early this morning. Fernando Heria Jr, 25, known to most as "Ferny" was involved in a fatal accident on the 836 near Le Jeune Road. My deepest condolences to his friends and family, the world has lost a great man.

This is rather difficult for me to write since I am still in disbelief. I knew Ferny for less than three years but considered him a close friend. He was one of the most charismatic, humorous and a genuinely caring people I have ever known. He was a very hard worker, always bearing a smile, and truly one of a kind as attested by his many friends.

Ferny participated in many aspects of the Miami cycling scene. He attended community meetings, Critical Mass, Cranksgiving, most alleycats, group rides, etc. It was him and I that started the fast paced Winged Wednesday rides in 2008 and in 2009 he was the main force behind the brutal Manic Monday rides.

Ferny was a shining star, a staple in local unsanctioned bike races. He won more combined Loose Cannons races than anyone else and was the only person who could boast winning Loose Cannons twice in the same night (April Fools' 2009). It was always great to ride with him, he was always willing to pull, and generously shared his bar tab winnings with friends. He was also the only person I've ever allowed to be a moderator on the MIA Fixed forum.

Try searching "Ferny" on this blog, his name will mostly come up in relation to him winning a race or me thanking him for not showing up to a race thus allowing others to win. He really had a lot more heart than most people I've ever encountered.

So many great things can be said about Ferny, I can go on and on. If you knew him or just wish to show your support we would really appreciate it if you joined us for a special occasion. We will be hosting a group ride in memory of Ferny this Wednesday December 22nd, it would have been his 26th birthday. After the ride we will gather with his friends at the BAR to celebrate his life.

[Edit: 12/21]


Ferny Birthday Celebration Ride
Wednesday, December 22nd

Meet at South Miami Library (6000 Sunset Drive)

We'll ride through South Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Brickell and end at the BAR (28 NE 14th Street) in Downtown.

Ferny's wake will be held on Thursday 12/23 from 6pm to midnight.

Funeraria Memorial Plan
9800 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33165

All his friends are welcomed.

Ferny, it was an honor getting to know you these past two and a half years, thank you for always being supportive and enthusiastic about what we've been building here together. I'm glad I had the opportunity to hang out and converse with you one last time on Saturday night. I really hope you're somewhere nice, surrounded by beautiful women, Italian bikes and cases of Prosecco. The next time I encounter a strong tail wind I will pretend to be drafting you, I should probably emphasize pretend because the reality is I could barely hold on to your wheel for more than a block.

Rest In Power.. Forever Champion

Epic video of Ferny, Alex Fix and MIA Fixed crew during Loose Cannons race from Coconut Grove to Upper East Side in 2009.

PS Lancito, you never faked it, you never fronted. It's truly a shame that you are no longer with us.