Since late December the City of Miami Beach has been installing thermoplastic sharrows along Washington Avenue from South Pointe Drive to Dade Boulevard. The sharrows are in the outside travel lanes adjacent to the parking lane and are there to notify motorists that they must share the road with bicyclists. The City of Miami Beach intends to improve bicycle safety by encouraging bicyclists to ride on the road rather than the sidewalk in the same direction as other vehicles and outside of the car door zone. The city will also be installing bike racks on every block between 4th an 17th street.

In related news, Deco Bike will finally launch their bicycle sharing program in February. Soon we'll see if Miami Beach locals and visitors will get off the side walk and make use of the new sharrows. All the tools are in place, it's now left up to the public to utilize them and for motorists and bicyclists to be educated on the law.

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