An actual beacon!

I went on a late night excursion and came across a few miles of bike lanes around Beacon Lakes business park, located at the intersection of the Florida Turnpike and 836, just west of Dolphin Mall. Pardon the photo quality, it was really dark out there, particularly on NW 137th Ave where the road is still under construction.

The bike lanes are on the following roads:

NW 137th Ave, from 12th St to 17th St *
NW 17th St, from 137th Ave to 127th Ave *
NW 127th Ave, from 12th St to 25th St
NW 25th St, from 127th Ave to 117th Ave

* New

NW 137th Ave (still under construction)

NW 25th Street

NW 25th Street (Turnpike underpass)