The new Turnpike Trail which runs parallel to the C-2 Extension Canal (117th Ave), between NW 25th St and NW 34th St is partially open. The multi-use trail is part of an ongoing canal bank restoration program, which will later expand the trail east along NW 25th St and north along 117th Ave taking it up to NW 58th St. The pedestrian/bike shared path is still under construction, earlier today contractors were installing a fence to prevent access to the Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery from the trail. I observed a few people from nearby businesses walking on the trail on what appeared to be their break from work. This section of Doral has no sidewalks so a trail like this is great asset to the community. The Turnpike Trail is open from dusk to dawn.

Also in Doral are two relatively new bike lanes. One on NW 74th St and the other on NW 112 Ave in a residential neighborhood. The NW 74th St bike lane extends between NW 87th Ave and NW 107 Ave. Those familiar with the area are aware that until recently NW 74th Street was non-existent between those avenues. Last week I rode through this two mile stretch while on a late night excursion and felt that the roads were well illuminated, free of debris and the lanes clearly marked. The scenery is quite nice and you forget you're in Doral for a few minutes, it reminded me slightly of U.S. 27. My only gripe is that the majority of the motorists were whizzing by at about 60mph.

Here's some video footage of the bike lane that helps put it's length into perspective.

NW 74th St, between 107th Ave and 87th Ave

NW 112 Ave, between 74th St and & 79th Pl