A group of about 450+ cyclists attended Friday evening's Miami Critical Mass ride which took them through Little Havana, The Roads, Coral Gate, Shenandoah, Brickell and Downtown. Once again the rain and cloudy skies did not deter these cyclists from their last Friday of the month ritual. Thanks to all the corkers who help keep the group together, the ride go smoothly, although in recent months I've noticed less of them. I want to remind folks to slow down up front, we're not in a hurry to get anywhere and those in the rear cannot always keep up. The whole point is to ride in one large mass, those in the front who continue riding at +15mph only disrupt the flow of the ride and do everyone involved a disservice.

For those unaware, BAR, the establishment we have been stopping at post-ride since February 2010 will be closing down. We'd like to thank BAR for being so accommodating to all the cyclists over the past year and a half.

Next month we will be stopping at the The Filling Station in downtown Miami. Some of you may already be familiar with them from previous Beer Snob Bicycle Pub Crawls. The Filling Station is located just a few blocks from Government Center, they have great food & beer + outdoor & indoor seating. They also have an upstairs area with a foosball table, air hockey and televisions. They will have specials for all the cyclists also. More details in a few weeks.

Here's a video clip from the intersection of Coral Way & 37th Avenue courtesy of Federico.

Check out Beached Miami for more photos.