This past Wednesday, the weekly Let's Talk About It! radio show on 880 AM discussed the topic of bicycling in Miami.

In their own words:

"Bikes in the city, any city (even Miami) aren’t just for hipsters, messengers, tree huggers, and unnecessarily ripped fitness junkies. In fact, for a lot of folks, they are the only way to get around. But for a city known more for bad drivers, biking can be a dangerous way to get from point A to point B. The folks from Emerge Miami, Youth Bike, and Miami-Dade Metro Planning think that making cities like Miami bike friendly should be a bigger priority that most people realize. Tune in and find out why."

If you missed it then check out the audio below, forward to the 32:11 mark for the bicycling discussion.

Let's Talk About It! airs every Wednesday from 7-8pm on 880 The Biz and online.