Lots of new sharrows throughout the City of Miami. Little by little the city has been striping sharrows and bike lanes through various neighborhoods, a positive and welcomed effort which was unheard of 2-3 years ago. It's a shame the majority of people I see cycling in these lower income areas are usually riding against traffic, an education campaign for bicyclists & motorists is in order if we expect "sharrows" to be understood and utilized by the community. "Share the Road" traffic signs will be going up soon along the sharrow routes.

After checking out the recent work by the city in Allapattah, Liberty City, Little Havana and Omni I headed over to Miami Beach to see the new bike lane on Indian Creek Dr. Coincidentally while taking a photograph of the new lane I came across what a thief leaves behind when they take your bike. (see way below)

City of Miami

NW 10th Ave, between NW 7th St and SW 8th St (Little Havana)

NW 46th St, between NW 17th Ave and N.Miami Ave (Liberty City / Buena Vista)

NE 14th St, between NE 1st Ct and N. Bayshore Dr (Omni)

NW 28th St, between NW 17th Ave and NW 7th Ave (Allapattah)

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Miami Beach

Indian Creek Dr, between 41st St and 27th St (Miami Beach)

Bike theft is so rampant on Miami Beach that I stumbled onto a cut lock on the sidewalk near Indian Creek Dr & 36th St, I often wonder just how many bicycles are stolen daily on the beach. Unfortunately a lot of people never report bike thefts so getting an accurate number is highly unlikely.