Close to 1000 cyclists participated in the monthly ride this past Friday, July 29th making it the largest in Miami Critical Mass history. Thanks to all those who unselfishly help out with the ride and cork for fellow cyclists. Kudos to The Filling Station for the hospitality and quick service despite the large crowd, food and drinks were served with little to no wait.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind cyclists to clear the road once the ride is over, there's a large parking lot and wide sidewalks across the street from The Filling Station so there really is no reason to be blocking the intersection. The ride ended just 2 block from the Government Center to appease those needing to get back on the train, here's the short route for those curious on how to get back. I want to also remind participants to not ride on the opposite side of the street or on sidewalks during Critical Mass. Most importantly, in the event that any emergency vehicle needs to get through immediately move out of the way! Last but not least, please try to keep the pace at a moderate 10-12mph and close any gaps within the group. Time and time again attendees need to be reminded that these gaps are what ruin the cohesion of this large group ride. Let's keep it civil, fun and without altercations. There's some insightful tips here which you should read and ask all new riders to check out. See you next month.

Below are a few links to lots of great photos & videos. Enjoy!


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