Cool blurb about Loose Cannons on The

"In the middle of the Summer, Miami's bike scene rides whether rain or shine, heat or steam. And they turn out in droves for I Am Your Villain's monthly race Loose Cannons, which dangles quite the carrot: it always ends at a bar for drink specials and DJs. This month's Loose Cannons started at Cosola's Pizza in Coral Gables and ended more than five miles away at Electric Pickle for the weekly Loose Joints party, where DJs Benton and Mr. Brown played disco funk all night. The race has no rules, no set course, and awards more than $100 in drink tickets to winners, so it's always a good time. The Feast caught up with riders as they made it to the finish line safely, though at least one was sporting a little road rash -- and a chunk of exposed booty, as with all Miami parties."

Go to The Feast to check out some great photos from this past Thursday's race.

Congrats to:

Eric Z (1st)
Ivan C (2nd)
Michael Lum (3rd & 1st Fixed)
Amy P (1st Female)

Yours truly got DFL and a giant rasberry on my butt courtesy of Mercedes-Benz!