Sunday, October 30, 2011

Virginia Key North Point Trails
Arthur Lamb Jr Road
Miami, FL 33149

"Mack Cycle’s MTB Rad Race is very similar to a type of mountain bike racing called 4x or mountain cross. 4 or more racers start the race together and compete on a wide, short and fast track. The race track more closely resembles moto-cross or BMX. The kickass track is designed for speed with jumps, banked turns and big drops! Winners of each heat qualify for the finals, held on the same day.

Racers must compete in all three races to qualify for the cash prize championship! The point based system will be explained by “Frenchie” at the October 30 Rad Race! Riders must compete on mountain bikes. No BMX or hybrids allowed.

First heat starts at 8AM sharp. Top finishers of each heat advance to the next round. Spectators are welcomed. Riders are welcomed to bring 10×10 pop-up tents. There are no bathrooms, water or food at the location, so come prepared!"