I recently stumbled upon video footage from an amateur bicycle race in Miami circa 1982. I really enjoy vintage media from Miami and anything cycling related from the late 70s/early 80s so discovering this 30 year old video for the first time was a delight. The footage, grainy and with an announcer left me curious so I decided to contact the video publisher for the backstory on the race.

"The footage is from my dad, Rafael Ferrans. It was along Okeechobee Rd. and passes under the Florida Turnpike at some point. It was a total of 35 miles. My dad was part of the "Italian Team", although all of them are/were from Colombia. (My dad is at the beginning wearing all black with a white helmet.) Apparently my dad and some friends and friends of friends liked the fact that there were lots of professional races going on in the streets and highways at the time. They said, "Why don't we try it?" So they started their own amateur races." - Ralph Jr

The fact that it's "Italians vs Cubans" but the Italians are actually Colombian makes it so much better. It highlights the fun they were having with it and reminds me of a time when things were considerably more pure and simple ; Steel frames, cycling caps, toe clips & straps (gold chains optional). Style points to the Cuban racer with the PiL t-shirt. USA!