Check out this brief video tour of the almost completed M-Path Extension Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail project in Kendall. The footage is of the M-Path between 67th Avenue and the Dadeland South Metrorail Station, where the M-Path then connects to the South Dade Trail (busway). The new M-Path bicycle and pedestrian bridge will help users cross over the dangerous entrance ramp to SR 878/Snapper Creek Expressway. However, once the cyclist/pedestrian is off the bridge they'll encounter plenty of intersections along the path and must exercise extreme caution. The video is a great reminder of how poorly people drive in South Florida, in just a few minutes you can lose track of how many motorists fail to stop behind the white line as required by law. Unfortunately I couldn't get additional footage of the bridge because the construction workers were still on the job.

Overall the project shall be an asset to cyclists who are uncomfortable riding on the road along with motor vehicles. Pedestrians and those with disabilities will probably benefit most from the bridge. The crosswalks are properly marked but there is too many along the route giving it a sidewalk feel, the path's maze-like features and bicycle dismount sections are also impractical. In my opinion the best part of the M-Path extension project is the new section between Kendall Drive and the Dadeland South Metrorail Station, it is the most straightforward. I will continue to recommend experienced cyclists to use SW 80th St / SW 70th Ave (see below) to get around Dadeland Station and will personally use the bridge from time to time for a change of scenery and elevation.

If you wish to see the completed project in living color you should attend the M-Path Celebration Ride on Saturday, January 14th. Local bicycle & pedestrian advocacy groups are hosting the ride with an after party at a nearby park with cake & ice cream!. Based on what has been finished thus far, I cannot imagine the project being 100% complete by next weekend in time for the celebration. Nonetheless I encourage cyclist, pedestrians, runners, rollerskaters, etc to come out and show their support so local officials and advocates can see their efforts are appreciated.