Wednesday, March 7th

O Cinema
90 Northwest 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

Bicycle valet parking will be provided.

From Green Mobility Network, more information can be found on Facebook.

"The forum is the first major event in a long-term campaign being launched by Green Mobility Network called SafeStreetsMiami. The campaign’s major goal is to advocate for lasting changes that will make the streets of Miami-Dade County safer for all users—bicyclists, pedestrians, runners, children, families, people who can’t afford to drive, and motorists. The focus of the campaign is all of Miami-Dade County, not just the Rickenbacker Causeway, although we recognize that for many people the problems with the Rickenbacker are paramount.

The forum will (a) present information about current plans to improve the safety of streets in Miami-Dade County and (b) provide an opportunity for members of the public to make comments and ask questions of a panel of relevant elected officials and decision makers. Leaders in both Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami will be present.

Our intention is to organize follow-up meetings and discussions based on input from the forum and to provide a continuing opportunity for dialog and new ideas through the Green Mobility Network/SafeStreetsMiami website.

Green Mobility Network also intends to organize a follow-up forum during Bike Month 2013 (March). The purpose of the 2013 forum will be to assess what has been done and what changes and improvements have been made in the past year. The SafeStreetsMiami forum may become an annual event.

We believe that strong community-based advocacy is an essential element in creating safer streets in a complex, multifaceted place like Miami. The March 7 forum is an opportunity to begin to develop a consensus about what needs to be done and what the priorities should be."