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Press Release:

Bayfront Park Management Trust Invests in Alternative Transportation Method
for Park Maintenance

In an effort to find cost effective, alternative modes of transportation for Bayfront Park’s maintenance crew, the Bayfront Park Management Trust has purchased a pedi-truck maintenance bicycle.

“In addition to reducing the park’s carbon footprint, the potential for alternative methods of transportation is a good investment in the future,” said Miami City Commissioner Frank Carollo, Chairman of the Bayfront Park Management Trust.

Research found that a traditional pedi-cab could be modified into a pedi-truck. Custom built by Convenient Canvassing, modifications consist of the creation of a small wood frame bed with a unique dumping feature, making it ideal for landscaping. The bike has 21 speeds and can carry a cargo load of 600 pounds. A mechanical front brake and a hydraulic rear brake make for safe operation with heavy loads.

The bed was built with pressure treated wood for durability and lined with plastic made from recycled bottles. Some of the materials used were purchased from The Green Project, a non-profit organization in New Orleans that recycles area building materials.

After initial testing further purchases would be considered, reducing the need for gasoline powered vehicles for the maintenance crew to use for the upkeep of the 32-acre park.

“The purchase of the pedi-truck is an opportunity to explore options for “greener” methods for the park’s operations,” said Bayfront Park Management Trust’s Executive Director, Timothy Schmand. “We’re very excited by the prospects.”