Vintage purple Puch single-speed conversion stolen from Coconut Grove this weekend. Chrome lugs and fork, purple grips, and white saddle. Send an email here if you have any information.

And if you need a reminder that thieves will steal just about any bicycle..

Light blue Huffy Crankbrook 26" ladies' cruiser bike stolen from outside the Walgreens in Little Havana. Gold spray painted handlebars, stem and fenders. Also has an assortment of stickers placed throughout the bike. This bike retails for about $88 at Walmart. Contact Rena if you have any information.

In similar fashion to the majority of bicycles being reported stolen in Miami, both bikes were locked with just a cable lock. I cannot stress how worthless cable locks are, if you really want to keep your bike please use a 16mm U-Lock. Only use a cable lock as a bonus, i.e to protect a wheel or accessories. It's impossible to prevent theft but you can at least make it difficult for thieves.

Protect your bike(s) against theft, use at the very least a 16mm U-Lock like the one pictured below.