Sunday, March 23, 2014

15420 SW 136th St
Miami, FL 33196

Come explore some backcountry roads and levees on the first gravel grinder of it's kind in Miami-Dade. There is no entry fee, just come and ride!

"Riders should be on either mountain bikes or cyclocross bikes. This course has a lot of varied terrain (gravel, grass and pavement) that can get rough in places.

When encountering any other trail users and when encountering any paved roadways used by cars it is upon you to act accordingly and responsibly so as you are not endangering yourself or others on this ride. Keep the ride safe and FUN for everyone.

The participants are encouraged to download the course map on to their mobile devices and have that at the time of the ride. There will be minimal course markings along the way, but you are strongly encouraged to have the map. No printed copies will be provided by organizers.

There will be two checkpoints on the course that will have personnel there to check you in. These checkpoints will have water and some food (bananas, oranges) if you need. The first will be a few miles before the 32 mile turnaround (at 168th St and 207th Ave) and the second will be at the turnaround for the 62 mile at Ingram Highway.

There will be other unmanned checkpoints along the way. You will collect the color coordinated wristband at these. Collect all of these along the route you do. This is strictly to offer a fun scavenger hunt twist on the ride. There is no prize for collecting all wristbands, this is strictly for you and your sense of accomplishment."

All riders must bring everything they need on the ride to repair their bikes. Strongly advised to have what is on list below:
  • At least two water bottles or hydration backpack, there is no water anywhere on this ride except at turnaround checkpoints. 
  • At least two tubes, CO2’s or frame pump and patch kits.
  • A small multi tool for other incidental repairs.
  • Food such as energy bars and gels.
  • Sunscreen is highly advised as you are out in the open. Late March in the Everglades could be very warm. Bug spray is also recommended.
  • Do not litter anywhere along the course, if you brought it in bring it out with you.
More information available on Facebook.

The event organizers, sponsors, staff and anyone else connected to this event are not responsible for your safety or well being. You are completely responsible for your safety and actions on this ride.