The June Miami Critical Mass ride appears to have gone a bit smoother than those in recent months, however there is still a lot of room for improvement amongst riders. Most notably when it pertains to riders allowing gaps to form and those who illegally cross over the solid double yellow line. Also, there's still riders with no lights on their bicycles.

The ride traversed through Little Havana, West Flagler, Grapeland Heights, Allapattah, Brownsville, Liberty City, Wynwood, Midtown, Edgewater, OMNI, Park West, and Downtown. Check out over 100 photos from the June '14 Miami Critical Mass ride captured by event photographer Arturo P.

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Here's a video of the diverse group riding up the NW 22nd Avenue Bridge in Allapattah. In the video you can see a rather large amount of splintered riders (3:45 - 9:00), this gap was due to the Flagler Street Bridge going up towards the start of the ride.