Currently on indefinite hiatus as of 6/27/16 details

Get mythical with us on Magic Mondays - we ride every Monday (November 3rd 2014 through March 2nd 2015).

Magic Mondays is a weekly Monday night community ride which traverses through Coral Gables, South Miami, and Coconut Grove. Ride along beautiful tree-lined avenues, historic homes, and see some of the distinctive architecture these areas have to offer.

University Metrorail Station
5400 Ponce de Leon
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Meet Up 8:30pm
Pedals Up 9:00pm

Tips & Guidelines
  • Bring front and rear safety lights, it's required by law. 
  • Ride carefully and considerately.
  • Do not pass the ride facilitators.
  • Always bring a tube, a pump, and any tools you need. 
  • Bringing a cell phone and cash is a good idea, too.
  • No alcohol consumption at the meet up location and/or during the ride.
  • Do not filter forward past stopped cars at a red light.
  • Do not litter or vandalize any property.
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk.
  • Stay in the right lane unless making a left turn.
  • Always perform an "ABC Quick" Bike Check to ensure that your bike is in safe working order. 
  • Yield to emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and buses.
  • Don't be late.

Important Safety Details

This is night ride and the routes will consist of many dark narrow roads, BICYCLE LIGHTS ARE REQUIREDPlease note that we will also encounter a large number of roundabouts throughout the ride, so please exercise caution. 

*Bicyclists entering a roundabout on all approaches are required to yield to vehicles within the circulating roadway. Never take a short cut at a roundabout by entering on the left side. Do not pass other riders at a roundabout, be patient. Click here for details on how to properly use a roundabout.


What time does the ride start?
We will meet up at 8:30pm, pedals up at 9pm

If I'm late will the group wait for me?
No, tardiness will not be rewarded.

What is the pace of the ride?
Speed will be around 14-17mph

Can I bring my fat tire, "fixie", unicycle, hybrid, etc bike?
All bicycles are welcome, just make sure your bicycle is in good working order and that you can maintain a 14-17mph pace.

How long will the ride last?
An estimated two hours including one stop.

Is this a race?
This is definitely not a race, it's not even necessarily a fast ride.  It's a community ride to empower local cyclist to explore the surrounding neighborhoods by bicycle.

How come the unicorn isn't wearing any clothes? Is this a clothing optional ride?
Come and find out for yourself.

If I get a flat or have a mechanical issue will the group stop for me?
No, the group will not stop or wait for anyone with a flat tire, mechanical issue, etc. However, it's possible that a generous rider(s) will come to your aid. Keep in mind that help is a courtesy and not guaranteed. It's best to come prepared so that you do not need to rely on another person.

How many miles is it? When will the route be posted?
12-17 miles. The ride starts at the University Metrorail Station across from UM and will we ride through Coral Gables, South Miami and Coconut Grove. A route will NOT be posted.

Will there be any actual magicians on the ride?
We don't know about any "actual magicians" but we're pretty certain that anyone acting a fool will be made to disappear. Pooof!

Is Magic Mondays every single Monday?
Observed every Monday during standard time. We will go on hiatus during DST since it's much more magical riding during late fall/winter.

I will be driving there after work, is there parking available?
Parking is available at the University Metrorail Station. Read the signs.

Will there be any rest stops or rendezvous points?
We will make one stop at a convenience store for snacks and drinks and/or we may stop at a public park.

What do I need to bring?
Bring a safe functioning bicycle, front and rear lights, patch kit or tube, and tools. A positive attitude is also suggested.

Will there be t-shirts available with the awesome unicorn on a bicycle?
No, there will not be any t-shirts, posters or anything with that design for sale. If you like the art, visit Mike Joos website and support him by buying one of his prints.

Hopefully everyone planning to attend the ride thoroughly read the notes provided above and did not just say "awesome.. a unicorn on a bicycle" and immediately closed the page.