Art Basel is upon us so expect heavy traffic in Miami Beach, Wynwood, Midtown, Little River, and the Design District for the next couple of days. Parking will also be a mess so it should come as no surprise that bicycling will be the quickest & most convenient way to get around the city. Avoid gridlock by riding your bicycle but do so safely!


We've included a few basic tips below for those planning on riding to Art Basel events and/or any of the satellite fairs and parties.
  • If you're riding at night, you should absolutely use a red rear light and a front headlight. They help motorists and pedestrians see you on the road and are required by law.
  • Be wary of drunk drivers, jay walkers, and tourists in search of the posh party with free booze. Don't forget we live in Florida where more than likely the driver of the vehicle will flee the scene if they strike a cyclist and/or pedestrian. 
  • Most motorists do not use turn signals, so pass with caution.
  • Don't forget to lock up your bike properly! There's no point in saving time by going on bike if you're going to walk home crying sans steed.
  • Avoid the railroad tracks on N. Miami Avenue and 19th Street. Cyclists are being seriously injured at this railroad crossing on a daily basis yet the FEC continues pussyfooting on a solution. Check out Project Ouch! for more details.
  • There are brand new 1-way streets throughout Wynwood. Remember to ride in the same direction as motor-vehicle traffic. Sharrows have also been installed on these 1-way roads.
  • Do not ride in the "door zone" and be alert of pedestrians jumping out of parked vehicles.
  • Do not ride bike on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, you will be fined.
Use #bikebasel hashtag on any bicycle / art related photos posted throughout the week and they will be displayed on our feed.