Saturday, December 5, 2015

Magic City Bicycle Collective
1100 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33136



"The alleycat is going to be an Art Basel theme race; there are 7 checkpoints around the city each checkpoint being either public art, graffiti mural, or landmarks. Everyone will be required to log onto Instagram and add Paceline Urban Racing IG account or HASHTAG(#CONOCAT). Once on the Paceline|UrbanRacing page you will find the main manifest and the individual photos of the checkpoints with geotagged markers."

****FIRST TOP 10 RIDERS TO FINISH THE 7 CHECKPOINTS WILL ADVANCE TO FINAL CHECKPOINT#8*** (last checkpoint will be announced once you finish all 7 & return to MCBC). 

- Helmet
- Smartphone (Fully Charged)
- Instagram account

1) Follow Paceline Urban Racing on IG
2) Find manifest (finish checkpoints in ANY order)
3) Use the geotag on each photo to find the checkpoint
4) Post a photo of your bike or a selfie at each checkpoint
5) Hashtag #CONOCAT #PUR

More details on Facebook event page