Wednesday, December 16th

Bike Nerds
9538 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33138

"Those of you who know about MASH in San Fransisco, don't need an introduction. For those of you who don't, MASH is one of the main reasons you see so many aluminum track bikes on the road today. 

The project began 10 years ago by a group of riders and their cameras. The evolution of that includes having a gallery for their photography, the original cult classic MASH dvd, a full service bike shop, a collaboration with Cinelli that continues to this day, and on, and on. Check out their site @ Their latest project is their 10 year anniversary movie. They have toured the world screening it and now that it's been released to the public, well, we felt it was right to share it with you.  

There will be a group ride meeting up at 8pm at the Omni Metro Mover station, near downtown. They will take off at 8:30 sharp to ensure arriving on time. For more information on the ride check out: Wednesday Night Ride Miami #fyxd305 

The shop will be open at 8pm. We will press play at 9:30pm sharp. Space will be limited so show up early. Refreshments provided." - Bike Nerds

For more information check out the event page on Facebook.