Sunday, March 19, 2017

Plaza Licenciado Benito Juarez Park
19825 SW 376th St
Homestead, FL 33034

"The 4G is the southernmost un-southern gravel grinder in the US. These routes will keep you on your toes taking you through farmland, levee roads and access roads through the Redland farming area, water management canals and access areas and in to Everglades swamp. Sound like fun? is. Sign up and get on board for this ride kids! There are minimal rest stops along the way to get you through, but it is highly recommended that you portage enough to get you through the route you choose.

You can now pre-register for the 4G! All the proceeds going directly to Radio Lollipop at Nicklaus Children's Hospital. You will still need to get your wristbands at the event start though. The pre-registration will keep the sign up at the event moving quicker and get you on your bikes sooner. If you are doing the 32 mile you will get a white wristband and if you sign up for the 62 you will get a black wristband. The fee is still going to be $20.00 minimum donation on race day, but early registration will make sign in quicker on event day.

Trail Info
Yeah Yeah, it’s number 4 of the 4G. So get back in your saddles and start getting ready for the southernmost un-southern gravel ride in the states.

For the fourth year the 4G will probably be the same ride/event/party you have come to love/hate from the previous three, except for more better stuff I have planned that is more and better.

The routes will again cover a fun yet challenging amount of gravel, dirt, access roads and some pavement in the southernmost parts of Miami-Dade county. There will be the usual 32 mile and a 62 mile courses to choose from, plus some other shorter courses around the park for the families to enjoy while their loved ones are out riding.

This is, as always, a self-supported ride for the most part. You must carry all of your own repair needs along these routes. There will be limited SAG as vehicles cannot access some of the remote areas you will be riding through. Please make sure you have enough water, food and spare tubes, tools and other assorted goodies to support yourself on this ride.

All rest stops will have the wristbands for you this year. You must stop at each rest stop where an attendant will put your wrist band on for you. When you check in at the finish all wristbands are to be on your wrist, we will not accept wristbands carried in bags or jersey pockets. Mother Nature will be on hand for the unexpected pleasures in life like rain, intense sun, humidity, heat, windy winds and other assorted tools she has at her disposal." - Gary Mendenhall