Sunday, October 22, 2017

Homestead Speedway
1 Ralph Sanchez Speedway Blvd
Homestead, FL 33035

"EBC's rides are unique - our rides are for charity, unlike many other local events which are for profit. EBC itself is a non-profit and the charity for this event will again be Achilles International's Freedom team of Wounded Veteran hand cyclists. The Freedom Ride is the only ride where your dollars actually help the very people who sacrificed for our freedom, the very people you riding along with side-by-side. These handcyclists served our country and now face the challenges of their changed lives. We also require that Achilles spends your donation in your community where we all live and ride. For a life changing experience, you can sign up to buddy with a handcyclist for the event.

The event begins with with one lap around the Homestead Miami Speedway Track. The Century (100 miles) and Metric Century+ (65 miles) head to Key Largo. The 29 and 42 mile courses continue through rural south Miami-Dade County."
  • Kicks off the ride on the Speedway oval
  • Great SAG and well stocked rest stops will be provided
  • Register as Virtual riders so you can participate even if you can't ride
  • Rides available for everyone: Routes from 1 mile to 100 miles
  • Registration includes lunch, beer, fully stocked rest stops
  • NO additional fundraising is required, but optional donations are appreciated.


1-5 Mile Fun Ride
For those looking to ride a very short distance? The lap on the Speedway Track is amazing. Even if you don't want to ride far, this is ride will give you bragging rights.

12 Mile Beginner & Freedom Team Members Fun Ride
For those looking to ride a short distance, but still experience the lap on the Speedway track, this is it!

29 Mile Ride
This is a perfect distance ride for the family get together, the beginning cyclist, or those of you just getting back into the saddle.

42 Mile Ride
Back by popular demand! We are offering an intermediate ride of 41 miles for those who desire to ride more than the 25 mile fun ride, but not a full metric century. A popular choice when it's windy outside!

65 Mile Metric Century+ to Key Largo (Yes, just a few click over 62 miles but we know you can do it!)
For those a little more ambitious, metric century riders will accompany the century riders on the Key Largo Loop.

100 Mile Century to Key Largo
For those who are looking for the ultimate challenge Century riders will join the Metric Century riders for the Key Largo Loop, then travel thru southern Miami-Dade County.

For more information visit Everglades Bicycle Club.